Living longer, MUCH longer, even to 120 and beyond is simple, but to live longer and healthier lives we need to take control of our journey and health. Just “getting through” or accepting disease and pain as an inevitable part of living and aging won’t get us there.

We have to CHOOSE the better way and we have a better way for you standing on four pillars.

What you eat and drink is only one of four pillars of making better decisions, decisions that make you realize you are without limits and can live excited, happy and full of energy.

Access the power within and beyond to make those changes you believe need to be made …and you will soon believe enough to make them.

Now is the Time to Live With Full Vitality

Science is suggesting that those who take their health seriously can live to 120 and beyond; free from pain and disease AND full of energy.

We’re here to help you achieve that goal, inexpensively and effectively:

This is an online, multimedia course for everyone who wants to take control of their lives and health in all four areas; emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

That’s the good news and the better news is you will learn how your life is being shortened and what is shortening your life and even poisoning you NEEDLESSLY.

The best news is that it is never too late to start. Amazingly it is being proven daily that ALL adverse health conditions can be reversed; imagine YOU being able to do something about your health and defying the experts who said you’d never get better. Now begin to believe that you can live to 120 and beyond, because you can, happily, purposefully, mentally and spiritually alert …that’s YOU.


How Important Might this be


 A dynamic, online video and audio course called VITAL HEALTH. Consider the comment of one licensed physician:

“I know that when I have helped build up the vital health of those who have chosen to take control over their own health, that any condition or disease will often take care of itself, therefore, the main emphasis of my practice has been transformed to help patients take control over their lives to build vital health.”- Phillip Watters, M.D.

Anything less than pain-free, happy, Vital Health EMOTIONALLY, MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY and SPIRITUALLY is sub-health.

The Five major causes of “sub-health” are:

  1. Congenital – that is, something you are born with that prevents you from living a “normal” healthy life.
  2. Hereditary or genetic – that is, something which runs in the family or considered to be “in the DNA.”
  3. Organic injury – something which causes “permanent” physical disability.
  4. Cellular contamination – “Meaning that if we take into our bodies materials such as certain chemicals, drugs or eat foods in which harmful substances have been added either to the food during processing or the soil in which it is grown, and that the body does not need and cannot use; and if they get into the bloodstream, and are assimilated into the cellular structure, causing contamination to various cells; PLUS if we don’t get enough exercise and/or drink enough water to flush them out, some of these things are very difficult to remove and one of the major contributors to sub-health.
  5. Nutritional deficiency – When we do not receive in our diet those factors which our cells require to function properly then we have nutritional deficiency and the other primary contributor to sub-health.

“As important as these first three on the list are, they are responsible for only about 5% of the health problems in the world, 95% of the problems are caused by the last two on the list.”

If you need some help click on contact for a Vital Health Resource Specialist who is trained NOT to tell you what to do, but to point you to Vital Health resources for any number of health conditions.

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To YOUR Vital Health

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45yabrnryXk only 1½ minutes for you to see and believe – Then read this…https://ecee.colorado.edu/~ecen5555/SourceMaterial/Pollack13.pdf since I realize you most likely won’t take the time to read the foregoing, 5 page, scientific article (from my point of view it isn’t necessary, but that’s only one point of view), let me just assure you that it points …


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