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Jesus Christ…! It’s a Lizard???

Then read this… since I realize you most likely won’t take the time to read the foregoing, 5 page, scientific article (from my point of view it isn’t necessary, but that’s only one point of view), let me just assure you that it points to water being a significant part of LEARN VITAL HEALTH ONLINE.

A piece I also wrote and dubbed “Zero Nutrition” (a misnomer) in order to underscore two facts: 1) You can live for months without food under certain conditions (a fact proven and published at Harvard), but 2) only a few days, at most, without water.

Consider this information carefully…is it correlation or causation?

For several years the team of Doug and Mark , have been putting out articles about anti-aging and reverse aging on a sister website, with pseudonym’s Brad and Ryan. The articles come with no little, albeit friendly, tension between us. We do agree that good drinking water is an integral part of living longer.

Mark usually digs deeply and minutely into almost any and every scientific study he can get his hands on, while I disdain the intense study of anything.

My motto is whatever works for you, do that; if it doesn’t work try something else. Mark’s modus operandi is to tell me why any particular thing works or doesn’t work; admittedly I learn much through him and a prime example follows.

Do you need to learn about the digestive system? That depends on what you want to accomplish.

I told Mark recently that I couldn’t explain it and it didn’t matter, but that I can control hunger simply by drinking water.

“But that’s easy to explain,” he chided, “ regular eating habits trigger the secretion of stomach acids at whatever time the body is accustomed to eating, this signals the brain to create the sensation of hunger… and by drinking water the stomach acid is neutralized and so is the feeling of hunger.”

Did I really need that Reader’s Digest version of how the digestive system works, from a scientific perspective?

No, but I’ve been preaching the spiritual benefits of fasting for over 40 years and, for me, physical side benefits always occurred as well, and maybe this tidbit of information about why drinking water reduces hunger might have won over a few more converts.

Long distance running…it’s for everyone.

For several years, both Mark and I have been running long distances; for me 22 miles is the longest, his is more than twice that. We’ve had arguments about the kind of nutrition that is required.

I finally told him during one conversation that he could say whatever he wanted, I know I can go without any food for well over 40 days and still do a five mile run, and most certainly far more easily than I can on a full stomach. Mark has a scientific explanation for that too.

Just to prove we’ve been beating the drum of anti/reverse aging for many years, here’s one from 2010 it’s the first in a series of ten articles devoted to how you can reverse the process of aging in which I beat up on both science and religion for being stuck in their individual points of view.

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Tap into a good source…of information, that works for you!

One thing Mark and I agree upon, everyone should have a reliable source of information that provides the best alternatives so that each person can decide what works better for them to have control over their own lives and health in all four areas; emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.

To this end we are compiling information from a wide variety of reliable resources and putting it into a buffet of information in LEARN VITAL HEALTH ONLINE.

One other thing that this process has convinced me of and Mark wins yet another argument: If we provide information by which people can build their health…when health improves, the body tends to heal itself quite effectively; this is more stuff proven and published at places like Harvard.

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You may have to look deep within to find your purpose.

One last thing, what is the point of perfect health and living longer if you have no purpose? When someone discovers their purpose, that is, what they are meant to do during this sojourn and then building Vital Health comes “naturally” and it is necessary because they want it and need it to carry out their purpose for living.

Perhaps that is why I always start out with what my point of view is about the spiritual side of things and the need to discover your purpose. Once you know what it is you’re meant to do, you will be able to imagine living a very long life, because you will believe you are supposed to; do it full of Vital Health.

Let’s get started on your quest for a life without limits and perfectly healthy in all four areas; EMOTIONAL, MENTAL, PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL.